My egg donor story


Today was a day of excitement and a double miracle as I received word that my recipient is pregnant with twins. All though this is my second successful donation the feeling of gratification and generosity of life stays with me. The gratification of knowing that the two weeks of hormones and being poked, prodded and injected was worthwhile. Generosity of life being that one is able to contribute to another’s happiness that will stay with them till the end of their days.


We all have secret dreams, desires and wishes that we need fulfilled! When these are thwarted and out of our control we all experience a feeling of deep seated disappointment and ask the universe ‘why me, what did i possibly do to deserve this’? Likely it is nothing any of us do wrong and more luck of the draw, and infertility I can only imagine is a hard one to deal with. That is why when one day reading about Egg Donation I decided to find out more. After speaking with Nicky I decided that donating is a cause worthwhile participating in.


I have enjoyed interacting with her and she has made the experience a pleasure and would like to say thank you. So I would gladly recommend to donors and recipients to choose to work with the people and the company which ultimately deals in making wishes come true.

Fourth Time Around…


So this was my forth time donating and as always a pleasure to do.


It all starts with the mail to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have been chosen to donate for a couple…and when I read the letter from the couple, it’s always heartfelt and I never have to think twice about saying yes!


From a young age I have always wanted to do something more with my life, something that will help make someone else’s life just a little easier.


Growing up we were all taught values and the golden rules – like always saying please and thank you etc…but the one that always stood out for me was – Help Others In Need, no matter what the circumstances!!


So after my 1st donation there was no turning back, I knew I wanted to help as much I could.


When people hear that I am a donor, the question always comes “How can you do that?”


My response is that I am not giving a baby away to a stranger; I’m merely giving them “cells” (so to say) that has the possibility of producing a baby. I mean let’s face it, little eggs is not something we get emotionally attached to!! So why not give it to someone that needs it!


Taking the meds and going for the procedure to retrieve the eggs is so much easier than most people think it would be – yes I won’t lie there are moments of physical discomfort but it is a very small sacrifice into comparison to the PRICELESS GIFT, I, as a donor am able to give.


I choose to give the gift of a child to a complete stranger, and every time I look into my sons eyes, I know that I made the right choice, and I am over-joyed at every pregnancy that resulted from my donation.


It’s like an overwhelming sense of pride knowing I was able to contribute towards a family’s future.


All the doctors I’ve “worked” with for all my donations have always made me feel comfortable and at ease, which makes it so much easier to go back.


So let’s hope for another Little Miracle!

My story as a donor

Many years ago I heard about egg donor programs and decided that one day I would like to be a part of something so miraculous. It was during the festive period that I made the decision to fill out an application and send it off. I was surrounded by family and felt the need to help others experience the magic.

I knew that when the time was right, the right couple would be in touch. I received a letter one morning while I was busy travelling. I read it quickly before boarding the plane; it was short and to the point. I read it again a few times and the emotions, which were hidden at first by the simple and straight forward language, started to wash over me. I gave the request some serious thought. Although I had taken the first step by applying to be a donor, actually becoming one is a massive leap into the unknown. I discussed the request with my partner and my close family, but it was ultimately up to me. After a few days, I nervously agreed to proceed. While my recipient couple must have been incredibly tense while they awaited my answer, I knew I had to take the time to make sure I was ready for this.

I had my initial appointments and knew if it was not meant to be, if my decision was not the right one, things would not work out. All did go well. My appointments for scans were set up and I was given instructions on how to administer the meds. It was really happening! Although I’m not afraid of needles the thought of other people depending on me made the injections very easy to deal with. I even did them while on holiday in a foreign country! Everything leading up to the day proceeded according to the book. I always felt I was in capable knowledgeable hands, and, while I was away from home, I didn’t at all feel vulnerable or lonely.

I was quite relaxed on the day of the procedure. The sisters were so friendly, helpful and supportive. Everyone involved came to see me, talk to me, make sure I was OK and explain everything that was going to happen. As I drifted off I was smiling. Less than an hour later I was awake, chatting, drinking tea and eating a muffin. My first question was, “did everything go ok”, as the Sister answered, “yes” I felt that most amazing feeling of peace and joy wash over me. It almost made me cry I felt such relief and happiness at the same time. My heart sent all the love I could muster to those eggs, waiting nearby, about to change the world for strangers. I wished them health, vitality and strength so that they may become the bundle of joy that we all wish them to be.

This has been such an emotional journey and I will do it again. The feeling of giving a gift that cannot be bought has fulfilled my soul in a way that can barely be described. It can only be felt.