Intended Parents

How it works

It is our motto to make a difference and to change lives.  We are here to assist and support you in your journey to become parents.


Our commitment at The Sunshine Egg Donor Agency in South Africa is to listen to your story, provide support and quality care and to ease the stress of infertility, allowing you to focus on your most important goal – getting pregnant.


Millions around the globe face infertility and become dependent on an egg donor to achieve a pregnancy. This can be overwhelming but it can also mark the beginning of an amazing journey and we want to help.


Egg donation brings new hope to many couples that experience infertility. Our support team has considerable expertise working with both local and international Intended Parents. We respond promptly when you contact us, wherever you are in the world.


There is no shutdown period. We operate throughout the year allowing you to take advantage of your holidays.


All the clinics we liaise with have the resources to perform every step of the egg donation, fertilization, and embryo transfer processes. If you and your partner are considering using donor eggs to conceive, the information provided below will allow you to fully understand the different steps of the process.


We work with clinics in all major cities in South Africa:  Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.


Our dedicated and experienced team facilitates the process between you, the Intended parents, the donor and the clinic, STEP-BY-STEP, ensuring the continuity of medical care. Regular feedback of the donor’s progress after being chosen assures you of her welfare, reliability and commitment to the donation.