Intended Parents

Fees and Payment

Our agency admin fee is a very affordable once-off fee that is due when the donor agrees to donate.  Fees to be discussed with you in a private and confidential email.

Please note that some healthcare programs do cover the cost of IVF – please check with you medical aid scheme.  We will gladly provide you with a formal quote should need be.

Our agency fee includes the following:

  • Donor recruitment and donor selection process
  • Arrangements for pre-screening of donor
  • Administration cost
  • Donor file – Preparing of match confirmation to be sent to the clinic
  • Donor travel arrangements
  • Donor and recipient support throughout the entire process.


Additional travelling fees will be charged should you have selected a donor that lives more than 1 hour away from the clinic or in another city.

Details may vary and will be discussed based on the location of your donor.

Payment options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Cash
  • Snapscan (For SA residents only)

PLEASE keep in mind that all clinic costs, medical procedures, medication etc. is payable to the clinic, not to us. Please discuss these costs directly with your clinic of choice.

The once-off fee payable SUNSHINE EGG DONORS is to secure the right to use your specific chosen donor for egg donation. Once the payment is received your donor is released to the clinic by means of a match confirmation document. In the unlikely event that the donor is found to be unsuitable for egg donation by the clinic, we will provide you with an alternative donor of your choice or a full refund, less a 10% handling fee.

Intended Parents will find The Sunshine Egg Donor Program’s method of assistance effective and individualised, thereby easing stress of your fertility journey.

We hope your egg donation experience with us marks the beginning of a lifetime of sweet memories, as your special dream is realised and you bring your little miracle (or two!) home.

Please direct any further Intended Parent enquiries to Neil, by emailing him at