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Passionate about making families

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sunshine donor! Our goal is to recruit fabulous, generous, kind, open-hearted, open-minded, compassionate, willing and able women who would like to help create families and bring incredible joy! We offer personal, compassionate and ongoing support right from the first time you email us to the first donation and beyond. Rikki and Nicola have supported hundreds of donors through the process and between them they have donated 10 times!

New Donor Signup:

The recipient of your donor eggs feels an incredible gratitude and respect for the gift you are giving so willingly and the hope you are giving them. To help them choose the most suitable donor, recipients want to know as much as possible about the medical and personal history of the woman that will hopefully make their family possible so we ask that you answer each question as carefully and thoroughly as possible.

All information requested is voluntary and remains anonymous. This questionnaire will be viewed by recipients but before we publish it on our password protected website we will remove personal information such as your name, address and any other form of identification.

If you are unsure how to answer or have any questions about the application, please feel free to get in touch on

Detailed profile pictures

When submitting your completed personal history form, please submit a couple of pictures of yourself. Two recent photos (1 close-up and 1 full length) plus 4 photos of yourself as a child up to the age of 10 would be perfect. If you have any extra pics you would like to send or if you can't upload the photos, please send them directly to us on

Adult photos will only be viewed by our team at The Sunshine Egg Donor Program and used as reference when helping potential recipients choose a donor.

If you are unable to complete the application form online, please email us on and we will send you an email version of the application form.

Signup Form:

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