About Us


The Sunshine Egg Donor Agency is a labour of love by two proudly South African parents who have been through the fertility process as Intended Parents with surrogates and egg donors. We have years of experience in the field and many success stories to share. Our son is living proof of our own success story. We have a very personal understanding of the calling to have a family of your own. Our belief is that every person who feels the call of parenthood should have the chance to experience the joy of having kids.


We specialise in facilitating the egg donation process from start to finish for both donors and intended parents.


Our clients are based around the world, from fellow South Africans to international clients in the rest of Africa, Australia, the UK, and the USA, to mention a few.

We actively recruit compassionate and healthy women to assist in the creation of complete families and offer personal, on-going support from the first contact with the Intended Parents / recipients and donors through every step of the process.


As Intended Parents ourselves and through our interaction and support for hundreds of egg donors and Intended Parents alike, we have gained valuable insight into most aspects of egg donation and fertility treatments.


We also have a great relationship with the travel industry to make sure that our international parents-to-be experience the South African sunshine in every way.


We pride ourselves in our ethical and professional approach to egg donation whilst maintaining a compassionate and personal touch. Not only do we have a genuine desire to help, but as parents we firmly believe that everyone has the right to experience the same joy, love and fulfilment that we have come to enjoy with the birth of our son.

Read our donor success stories

It all starts with the mail to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have been chosen to donate for a couple…and when I read the letter from the couple, it’s always heartfelt and I never have to think twice about saying yes! From a young age I have always wanted to do something more with my life, something that will help make someone else’s life just a little easier.

South African Legislation & SASREG

We working only with recognised SASREG accredited fertility clinics in South Africa, which means that our recipients and donors are assured of professional, excellent and safe medical care from clinics that deliver high success rates. We maintain a good working relationship with all leading fertility clinics throughout South Africa.


The Sunshine Egg Donor Program has signed the SASREG code of conduct which means we are fully compliant with the regulations and guidelines outlined in the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG).  https://sasreg.co.za/about-sasreg/


All our egg donations in South Africa are anonymous. No identifying information of recipient or donor may be revealed to either party. South African legislation prohibits any donor agency providing adult donor photos to any other party. Our comprehensive, detailed donor profiles are accompanied with baby and/or childhood photos of each donor. Confidentiality and anonymity of both the donors and the Intended Parents are guaranteed throughout.


The South African National Health Act (Act No. 61 of 2003) regulates the donation of gametes and the management of egg donation cycles. The accredited clinics strictly adhere to these regulations during their medical treatment.